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An artist from the UK with a lot of history and experience in many of styles of art!
His vibrant color palettes immediately catch the eye.
Amazing sense of detail, easily seen in his portrait series.

Twitter: @okinmakesartInstagram: @okinmakesart

NFT Markets:
Known Origin: OkinRarible: OkinLinktree

Danil Pan

This very supportive artist, Host of Auction House for NFT's on Telegram, don't need much introduction... a few words with him, and you'll get the picture.
Just by visiting Auction House you can see his engagement with community - same goes for twitter and other socials.

His art speaks for itself. Full of emotions, colors and poem within.

Twitter: @pan_danil

NFT Markets:
Rarible: DanilpanAuction House - Telegram

MAx Jackson

Artist from Boston MA, USA with many unique styles. Completed #100DaysOfBlender like a charm which has pushed his skills further.
Also a very supportive artist from the day I started with NFTs.
Certainly deserving the respect of myself and many others with his support and artistic skills.

Twitter: @MXJXNInstagram: @fastaction

NFT Markets:
Rarible: FastactionParas.id: mxjxn.nearLinktree

Noah Montez - M0d

An artist who has been in this journey of NFTs with me from the get go!
Very supportive artist with quite a lot of talent with Octane and C4D.
He shows support to other artists, promoting on his own website. His art has a lot of contrast between feelings and problematics of existence.
His Organic series speaks for itself -- beautiful, intricately detailed scenarios that gives you the chills!

Twitter: @M0D_Official
Instagram: @m0d.artstationTwitch: Domofficial

NFT Markets:
Known Origin: M0DRarible: M0DM0D.Design - Official Website

Darkened Mood

Very talented artist with a really dark tone in his artworks.
No need to look further if you are looking for something demonic, glitchy and almost scary.

Darkened_m00d also has his own Merch shop - Link below

Twitter: @DarkenedM00dInstagram: @darkened_m00dNFP Spotify Podcast

NFT Markets:
Rarible: Darkened_m00dGhost Market: Darkened_m00dKnown Origin: darkenedm00dMark Vega Shop

Josh White

An artist with perfect sense of light and shadow.
You can easily spot this in all of his artworks which are hand painted using Art Studio Pro and iPad.
Josh is well known for his paintings of Ghostly figures in space.
They have amazing impact on overall atmosphere of his artwork.

Twitter: @joshwhite_artInstagram: @joshwhiteNFP Spotify Podcast

NFT Markets:
Rarible: joshwhiteKnown Origin: joshwhiteMakers Place: joshwhiteTerra Virtua: JoshWhite

Surreal Serpentine

Superb Photoshop master.
This artist can take many little things and put them into extreme artworks that are just breathtaking.
Supportive artist as well. A regular of the Auction House on telegram.

Twitter: @SurrealSerpent1Instagram: @surrealserpentineYoutube: SurrealSerpentine

NFT Markets:
Known Origin: surrealserpentineMakers Place: surrealserpentineLinktree

Digital Zoo

There are many possibilities how to use NFTs.
This artist created his own NFT Zoo! And his own Virtual Gallery, released on Steam for Free!

There is nothing to stop you from checking out this amazing Digital world of animals and art made by this artist alone!

Twitter: DigitalZooArtYoutube

NFT Markets:
Rarible: digitalzooFoundation.app: digitalzooVirtual Gallery - Steam(free)


Unique and Surreal.
This amazing female Graphic Designer and Photo Manipulator makes truly amazing art pieces full of colors and the very brittle side of this world. Wonderfully capturing feminine imagery, even in her dark pieces.
Don't hesitate and check out all her awesome artworks!

Twitter: @chissweetart

NFT Markets:
Foundation.app: ChissweetartMakers Place: chissweetartArtStation.com


An artist with perfect engagement in the NFT community.
Host of NFP - Non fungible podcast on Spotify.
As an artist, he specializes in turning figures into Zombies!
He remixes others and collaborates as well.
Go get yourself a zombie!

Twitter: @_DKleineInstagram: @dkleineart

NFT Markets:
Rarible: DKleineKnown Origin: dkleineOpen sea: dkleineAnchor.fm - Non Fungible Podcast

Craig Smith

CraigSmithArt aka Craigers is a multimedia and digital artist.
Creating dynamic artworks with depth and meaning, across both the 2d and 3d realms of art. His art jumps off the screen with texture and colour using his unique style.

Twitter: @CraigSmithArt1Instagram: @craigjamessmith

NFT Markets:
Sign-Art: CraigersKnown Origin: craigersHicetnunc: CraigersKalamint: CraigersLinktr.ee