Single/Multiple Editions

NFT's minted on multiple Markets
Colelction of my rare NFT's
Stills and animations.
Minted on:
-Tezos, $xtz on ( and
-Ethereum, $eth on (,,
-Phantasma, $soul on (

Submission NFT -> Marketplace


"An act of submitting to the authority or control of another."

NFT Piece minted on Ethereum Blockchain
Listed on and

- 3/3 ever minted
Color Clash NFT -> Marketplace

Color Clash - Sold

First NFT for

-Unlockable contains 2100x2500 PNG render

Crypto Bull NFT -> Marketplace

Crypto bull

First NFT for

created on the brink of Bullrun 2020

-Available 1/1

Deeply Shattered - Sold

Second NFT Artwork of my

-Unlockable opens link to 4500x4500 Rendered PNG and 2600x2000 minted PNG.

Resistance - Sold

-With pressure, comes resistance.

First of my NFT Abstracts.
Animated mp4

-Unlockable opens folder with 1200x1560px .mp4 and static Render 2400x3120px .png

Solar Flower

Trippy Abstract
-Available 1/1

60fps 1440x1440 18Mbps

Unlockable opens link to 32Mbps 1440x1440 file. + 2500x2500 PNG render.


“Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience.”
― Christopher Hitchens

-Animated mp4 with music

The Nipple

little "Yolk" NFT series
Minted on Tezos blockchain

-Available 5/5

60fps 1440x1440 30Mbps


Pebble Stem

little "Yolk" NFT series

-Available 1/1


Unlockable opens link to PNG file.


Peeking Into the Heart of the Hellfire Lotus.

My Genesis piece for

2560x1440 resolution - unlockable .mp4 + .wav loop


Brain? thx, space.

Genesis NFT piece for



Themed max supply of 2x
Resolution: 1800x1800

Locked content contains 2560x2560 PNG Render. NFT


Follow the Light

Scenery of my Sacrilegious collection

5/5 ever available
Resolution 2560x2560 NFT



Piece of my Sacrilegious series.

6/6 ever available
2560x1440 png. NFT



Centric piece for

19/20 Available

3000x3000px png.


Mythical Pulse

Abstract loop

Resolution 1440x1440, 30fps.

Minted: 5.4.2021

8/8 Available

So many Bubbles

Centric Abstract
- #OBJKT4OBJKT Free event

Resolution 2560x2560

Minted: 25.4.2021

60/60 available

Black Widow

Black Widow's nest
Abstract piece for

Minted: 28.4.2021

Resolution 3000x2250 png

6/6 available

_More Soon_